resistance band arm workout

It only takes 15 minutes with this resistance band arm workout three times a week, and in a few months you will see a marked improvement in the definition of the muscles of your arms.

But you must stay vigilant, doing it three times a week and give it three months to see a noticeable difference.

Resistance bands are great for your home gym and for travel. And they’re inexpensive! Click here to view the ones I’m using

They’re made up of a stretchy, rubbery band with handles on each end.

Moving your arms against the resistance of the band really works those muscles, and it’s a different feeling than the one you get from lifting weights.

Try it and see–if you’ve never used resistance bands before, I bet you’ll be sore in new places the next day!

It’s always beneficial to change up your workout, so I suggest mixing it up by using both resistance bands and dumbbells. Try alternating every other workout with dumbbells one session and bands the next.

Find my dumbbell workout for the upper and lower body here.

In addition to adding definition, this resistance band arm workout helps you burn extra calories, which will help with maintaining your desirable weight.

Keeping your bands by your chair or sofa makes it very handy to get your training in during commercials of your favorite shows on TV!