Don’t get bored with your exercise routine.

The solution is to mix it up and challenge both your body and your brain.

This week, we’re offering a video we haven’t done before–combining an exercise ball workout together with weights to challenge multiple muscles and target the core area.

By doing this exercise ball workout, you will find:

  • It is just fun, almost like play!
  • Your balance due to core strengthening will start to improve.
  • You will challenge your muscles by using them in a different manner.
  • Your back and spine can become stronger.
  • And just think of all the calories you will be burning.
  • Your body will get the new challenge it deserves.

So get on the ball, grab your weights and join me for this new routine to help continue our journey of FEELING GOOD!

Need an exercise ball? Here’s one I like available through Amazon. 

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