senior strength training workout

Doing senior strength training on a regular basis will help prevent age-related muscle loss and keep us operating independently in our daily activities.

Having Trouble Building Muscle With Age?

If you are finding it is taking more time to build or maintain muscle as you age, you are right!

As we age, our body becomes less efficient with many of the processes that help build or maintain muscle. 

The body becomes less efficient at turning protein into fuel. That, along with hormonal changes and slowed nerve responses, results in more work needed to sustain or grow our muscles.

Don’t despair, it just takes more dedication and consistency on our part.

Two to three times a week on alternate days for just 10 to 15 minutes can get the job done.

Benefits Of Senior Strength Training

When we are younger, we don’t even realize all the work the muscles do.

But as we age, everyday tasks like opening doors, changing the sheets, getting dressed, doing yard or housework can become more of an effort if our muscles begin to atrophy or waste away. 

It can creep up on us fast if we take a vacation from getting some resistance training in.

It happened to me during my rehab from hip surgery and now I find myself working twice as hard to get back to where I was.

Making strength training a regular part of your workout routine will help you stay independent, complete these daily tasks more easily and ward off the muscle loss that happens as we age.

So let’s make a goal to take care of ourselves so others won’t have to. Nobody wants to rely on others for their daily living!


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