Continuing to mix up your types of exercise to strengthen your core can prove to be very beneficial.

Stubborn abdominal fat can be whittled away with consistent toning, attention to diet and aerobic exercise.

But there are additional benefits to a strong core.

Core exercises help maintain stability and balance by strengthening the muscles in the pelvis, low back, hips, and abdomen, training them to work together more beneficially to create a stronger foundation for movement.

A strong core makes it possible to move through our everyday activities with ease and less fatigue.

And what about those fun activities like swimming, dancing, golfing, and cycling, just to name a few?

With a strong core, we are less prone to injury and may even find we have less back and neck pain due to a stronger support system for our spine.

Good posture becomes almost second nature as we become more aware during exercise of how to elongate and align this important area.

So change it up and give these new exercises to strengthen your core a try. New challenges are always fun!


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