bachata for beginners

This Bachata for beginners will help you learn the moves of this romantic, sensual dance. 

The Bachata is an intimate couples’ dance originating in the Dominican Republic in the 1960’s. It was inspired by the bolero.

The style of dance is closely associated with bachata music, which also evolved from the Dominican Republic.

The bachata dance is traditionally an expression of affection between two people. It involves a lot of movement of the hips and footwork.

It is often done in Zumba class when a slower more relaxing mood is wanted just to enjoy the flavor of the music and enjoy the flow and smoothness of the dance.

Like many styles of dance, the bachata has evolved and changed over the decades and is enjoyed by dancers all over the world today.  

Ready to learn the moves for yourself? 

First, watch this couples dance:

Then, try to incorporate the emotions and feelings that go into this beautiful dance as you practice the Bachata for beginners yourself using the videos below.

Start with the first video below, which will help you learn the steps.

Then move on to the second one to put them into action!

Bachata For Beginners:

Bachata Dance II:


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