core workout for seniors

Blast belly fat with this 10 minute core workout for seniors!

Do you know what this is?

Waist extenderThis is what I need after a full dish of starchy pasta… A WAIST EXPANDER!

That’s why Fitness With Cindy is excited to announce our first core-centric program: the Fitness With Cindy 4-Week Core Bootcamp.

In the meantime, as a warm up to our boot camp, try the simple on-the-mat workout below that I personally do three times a week to condition the core and melt away that belly fat. Other benefits of a strong core include:

Better balance

Our core is the center from which most of our body movements originate.

If you have a weak core, you may feel unsteady on your feet or find you’re stumbling more than you usually do. This is dangerous for our age group, as falls are one of the leading causes of injury in older adults.

Strengthening the muscles in the abdomen, back and hips provides stability to the “trunk” of your body which helps you stand and move more freely without losing your balance.

Relief of low back pain

When we think about our core, most of us think of the front side of our abdomen.

In actuality, though, the core is made up of multiple muscle groups that wrap around our entire midsection, much like a corset.

When these muscles are weak, our posture suffers. And when our posture is off, other muscles must step in to compensate. This leads to back pain, which can range from mild to debilitating.

Building core strength will help you maintain proper posture while sitting, standing and walking, which alleviates the pressure on other muscle groups and, in turn, reduces lower back pain.

Improved posture

We just touched on how poor posture can lead to back pain, but it can also throw the entire body off kilter.

Have you ever noticed that as people get older, they tend to shrink an inch or two? Part of this is due to the natural aging process, but it can also be attributed to poor posture.

In addition to helping prevent falls and reducing the incidence of back pain, proper posture helps ward off osteoporosis.

The overworked muscles and ligaments that result from bad posture can lead to degeneration in the spine that contributes to conditions like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Not to mention that when you sit or stand up straight, your circulation improves.

Easier mobility

Retaining our mobility is the key to maintaining an active, independent lifestyle. Walking, bending, getting out of the car, picking things up–all of these vital daily activities are made easier with a stronger core.

From playing with your grandkids to wheeling your suitcase through the airport to travel, you can’t do it without strong mobility. I’d say those are some great motivators to work on keeping your core strong!

A slimmer waistline

Finally, there’s the obvious benefit of strengthening your core (and probably the reason you’re here): a slimmer, trimmer waistline. Maintaining a healthy weight not only looks and feels good, but lowers your risk of chronic health conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

Studies even suggest that a wider waistline may lead to a shorter lifespan. An analysis of research covering more than half-a-million people found the following:

“Men with waists of 43 inches or more had a 50% higher risk of death than those with waists less than 35 inches. This equated to a three-year lower life expectancy after age 40.

Women with waists of 37 inches or more had an 80% higher risk of death than those with waists of 27 inches or less, which equated to a five-year lower life expectancy after age 40.”

A trimmer waist comes with benefits that can literally be life changing! So, try this video three times per week to blast away that stubborn weight around your midsection.

Also, be sure to check out my healthy snack options to keep you on track in the diet department and let’s continue FEELING GOOD!