workout to boost metabolism

Is it possible for a workout to boost metabolism? Yes!

Is 10 minutes of exercise even worth it? Yes, compared to doing nothing.

It’s a great way to get the blood pumping, the lungs working more efficiently, burn a few calories and even brighten your mood.

Some days are so full that finding 30 minutes for exercise just isn’t feasible. 

The good news is, studies show that there are benefits to moving for just 10 minutes.

Definitely aim for the 30 minutes of recommended exercise on most days, but perhaps mix it up on your more busy days with this 10 minute workout to boost your metabolism.

How does working out boost metabolism?

It works by building muscle.

It’s simple: muscle cells need more calories than fat cells.

So, when you have more muscle than fat, your body burns more energy even when it’s at rest. Metabolism boosted!

And keep in mind, in addition to burning more calories, bursts of exercise can increase your energy at times when you are feeling sluggish, get rid of stiffness after a period of inactivity in your day, and chase away the blues with feel good endorphins.

If you’re looking to burn fat, high intensity interval training is another great option. Try my fat-blasting HIIT workout here

Plus, it’s easier to will yourself to do just 10 minutes when you aren’t feeling pumped!

 So get going, keep moving, and remember that doing something is better than doing nothing.