This senior muscle strengthening exercises was designed specifically for my active agers out there!

As we age, our muscle strength diminishes faster than in our younger years. This is just part of the aging process as the replacing of old cells with new ones starts to slow down.

Without activity, the muscles will simply waste away and become weaker. This is known as atrophy.

With inactivity, the muscles start to become smaller and less able to perform the work they used to do.

All of a sudden you find you are struggling to get out of your chair, unable to pick up cartons of water bottles, battling to ride a bike or go up a flight of stairs. Sound familiar?

Benefits of Senior Muscle Strengthening Exercises

If this is happening to you, it can be reversed if it is due to weakening muscles. And the good news is that this can be done at any age!

Additionally, muscle burns more calories than fat, so you are speeding up your calorie burn, meaning a faster metabolism to help keep your weight in check.

Muscles pull on the bones so they in turn become stronger, fighting off osteoporosis and osteopenia. By strengthening the muscles around sore joints, reduced pain can occur.

With stronger muscles comes better stability which improves balance and lessens falls.

And most importantly for us seniors, strong muscles help in maintaining our independence.

So, pick up those weights and challenge those muscles two to three times a week on alternate days.

And remember, fitness is a process, so it takes dedication and time to improve your strength. Unfortunately the saying, “move it or lose it” is a fact! 

Let’s stay strong, healthy, and independent together. You can find many more free strength videos in my fitness library. 


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