standing ab workout

I am excited to bring you this standing ab workout, which introduces a weight to increase the intensity and tightening of the midsection.

Why Do A Standing Ab Workout?

Changing up your exercises to target a specific area can really break up the monotony and improve your results.

And, despite popular belief, you don’t have to do tons of crunches, planks or exercises on the floor to get a firm stomach.

It can be done completely standing up, without getting down on the mat, and in a low-impact way that’s comfortable for our age group to boot.

There are so many benefits to a strong core: better balance, improved mobility, and less low back pain, to name a few.

Still, most of us want to zero in on the core for more superficial reasons. Most students tell me they’re just sick of carrying that extra layer on their midsection!

So make a commitment to work on your core with this standing ab workout.

Do it three times a week and you’ll begin to see results.

You’ll also want to do some aerobic exercise to propel the fat burning process, and watch that you are not eating foods that can contribute to bulk in the abdominal area.

If you want to take your core work one step further, enroll in my Core Bootcamp for a guided four-week journey to a firmer stomach!