Getting your aerobic workout done can be so much fun.

With the right music and moves, your 20- to 30-minute cardio exercise will be finished before you know it.

You can even do 15 minutes now and 15 minutes later if you want, but 30 minutes most days is recommended to work that heart muscle and keep it strong.

The benefits of an aerobic workout

Aerobic exercise is so important as we age.

By keeping our heart strong we are keeping our blood vessels healthy so they can make sure the blood flow is complete to all parts of our body, especially the hands and feet and then back to our heart.

We don’t want pooling of the blood in any part of our body.

The additional benefits of aerobic exercise are endless.

Aerobic workouts helps fight off metabolic syndrome, keeps muscles strong and flexible, gives us better balance, improves breathing and helps fight fatigue.

It can even improve your mood, which helps ward off depression.

Remember, we are in charge of our health, so take control today and keep up with your aerobic workouts!