stretches for seniors to do in the morning

Every morning before I get up, I do the in-bed stretches for seniors shown here.

I love my morning cup of coffee and wake-up time doing a crossword puzzle, reading, and daily devotional–a routine not possible in my younger, busier days.

However, the longer I sit, the more I notice the stiffness returning.

So to reawaken the body before I head off to teach my classes, these easy pump-the-blood stretches for seniors done with a small ball get me going again and ready to start my day.

Movement is key to energizing the whole system and doesn’t always need to be heart-pounding to jump-start our bodies. 

This easy routine of stretches for seniors is also great for those with limited mobility or anyone feeling that moving is a real challenge.

Whether it’s this routine or your favorite yoga, tai chi or walking routine, just get up and do it every day.

Your body will thank you for it.


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