cumbia dance workout

Let’s take a few minutes and just get away from the merry-go-round that we allow ourselves to get on.

If we let it, keeps moving faster and faster until we are exhausted.

Just a few minutes to jump off that ride can give you renewed energy and bring down your stress level.

In this article we talk about the negative results of continuous stress on your body.

Not mentioned is the drain of energy, lack of focus and sleep problems that can occur.

Let’s break the cycle by removing ourselves for a few minutes from that routine and do something different, fun, and uplifting like this cumbia dance workout to give our minds a break! 

Do what works for you, but make yourself do it.

By removing yourself from the stressors, more times than not you will find that when you return, you have more focus, energy, and a more relaxed attitude to continue on.

Also, I would love to hear your mini-break solutions for getting off that merry-go-round that keeps spinning.