Sometimes sleeping in the wrong position can leave us with a stiff neck, unable to turn our head from side to side. It’s very annoying and sometimes painful. Other triggers can be a long driving trip hunched over the steering wheel or time spent working hunched over the computer. 

Perhaps the neck muscles became strained by too much overhead weightlifting or even just holding your phone in the crick of your neck. A very big culprit for stiff neck and shoulders is not holding your neck in an upright, correct position, causing your neck muscles to work harder to support the weight of your head tilting or jutting forward.

Exercises for Stiff Neck and Shoulders

Some light stretching and strengthening of the neck muscles throughout the day can help relieve and ward off neck stiffness. This video has a few exercises for stiff neck and shoulders that may help.

However, if your neck pain persists for more than a few days, you experience numbness or tingling down into your arms, or if you have a fever, it may be time to visit your physician to make sure something more serious is not presenting itself.

Try these exercises to see if they bring relief, and be sure to check out our other neck and shoulder pain relief video here

Let me know if they helped and here’s to FEELING GOOD!