It’s truly amazing what you can accomplish through diet and exercise. You’ve heard me say it before, but sometimes it helps too see a real-world example of how changing your nutrition and behavior can lead to major changes in your life.

Today I’m introducing you to one of my students, Jan Gagnon, who is a true fitness inspiration and also a two-time breast cancer survivor. She’s lost more than ten pounds and lowered her blood sugar and cholesterol levels significantly by changing her diet and making exercise a priority.

Watch the video above to hear Jan’s story in her own words!

Here are some of the things Jan did that lead to positive changes:

  • Switched to a low-carb diet
  • Substituted low-carb wraps in place of bread, zucchini noodles in place of pasta, and cauliflower rice in place of rice
  • Substituted carbonated water in place of drinks like soda and juice
  • Added more salads into her weekly meal routine
  • Attends multiple group exercise classes each week
  • Does healthy activities gardening and projects around the house

Jan also recommends following Low Carb For Life and Low Carb Done Right on Facebook for recipe ideas and inspiration.

Way to go, Jan! Keep up the great work.

If Jan’s story inspired you, why not do something good for your body today and try one of these workout videos?

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