Resistance band exercises for seniors will tone your muscles, strengthen your bones and burn fat!

Why Do Resistance Band Exercises For Seniors?

I just love these resistance tubular bands for working out.

They are lightweight, can be easily stored, tucked away in a suitcase for travel, and allow you to control how much intensity you want to put on the joints and muscles.

Handy and available at anytime if you have one at home.

Resistance bands are also a great way to change up your workout routine, working your muscles in a different manner than dumbbells. 

The many different ways we challenge our body and brain tend to make them stronger and we less prone to injury.

Changing it up also helps avoid plateaus from doing the same weight training regiment over and over.

Plus, switching things up keeps us from getting bored! We’re more likely to work out if we find it interesting or exciting.

Doctors recommend you do some type of resistance or weight training two to three times per week.

This video is a very basic guide to resistance band exercises for seniors that you can pull up on your computer and be guided through in 10 to 15 minutes and fight the flab that comes with inactivity.

So get strong, burn the fat and here’s to FEELING GOOD!

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