Okay, so I just watched some professionals doing Flamenco dance and wow…quite an art!

No comparison to this number, yet we can still have fun with the music and the attitude and just move to feel alive.

Background on Flamenco Dance

While its roots aren’t entirely known for sure, Some say the Flamenco was developed in the South of Spain as a storytelling dance using fast footwork, clapping, intricate hand and body moves and many times set to guitar music.

Gitanos, a migrant group, came to Spain from present-day India between the 9th and 14th centuries and brought with them instruments like bells, castanets and tambourines.

Of course, with those unique instruments came dancing!

Once in Spain, they mingled cultures with the Sephardic Jews and the Moors, and one of the results was the style of dance we now call the Flamenco. 

Whenever you hear Flamenco music, its passionate sound gets your blood pumping enough that you just want to get up and move. 

So join me as we pretend to be fiery, hot, Flamenco dancers… did I say pretend?

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