qigong for flexibility

This Qigong for flexibility practice will increase your range of motion–plus it just feels great!

No matter how strong or fast you are, you still need to move smoothly and with a good range of motion in order to perform your best and avoid injury.

The more flexible your joints are, the more power and speed you can obtain along with having better balance.

The smooth movements of this Qigong for flexibility video can help decrease pain and improve your mood. And, as you incorporate the breathing, you will bring relaxation and calmness to your whole body.

It gives your body a well deserved break from the treadmill we find ourselves on with daily living.

A surprising benefit is bone strength.

As you lengthen the muscles, they pull on the bone and as the bones resist the move, they develop more strength…IT’S TRUE!

As we move, our lymphatic system helps drain away the toxins to keep a healthy immune system as well.

In addition to the Qigong video below, can find a selection of other stretching videos here.

You don’t have to run a marathon to reap the benefits of movement.

Mix it up from time to time. Both your body and brain will thank you.

So get out of your chair and work toward good health!


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