dumbbell exercise for seniors

These senior free weight exercises will help fight atrophy and keep you feeling strong.

What is atrophy?

It is the wasting away of muscles, many times caused by the lack of physical activity.

It can be due to inactivity after an injury, surgery, the aging process or simply lack of motivation to get moving.

Without regular movement, our muscles become smaller, weaker and unable to perform our everyday activities with ease.

The good news… We can fight off atrophy and even reverse it with exercise and healthy nutrition.

And it does not really take that much effort. We just have to make a concentrated effort to move.

Regular exercise to include some cardio, stretching and these senior free weight exercises are all beneficial in maintaining good muscle tone and remaining healthy.

Find what works for you and make it a habit, part of your daily routine like showering and brushing your teeth.

You will soon notice how good you feel and be on your way to remaining independent, slowing down the aging process, and enjoying living life.



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