stability ball exercise

I love stability ball exercise because it helps you improve your strength, endurance and balance all at once. 

Because you’re performing the moves on an unstable surface, your muscles are forced to work harder and you target new ones you wouldn’t normally hit when working out on a solid floor. 

Plus, your brain has to be on high alert to keep you balanced, which is important to practice to prevent trips and falls. 

Another little-known fact about stability balls is that they’re great for those of us looking for something low impact. 

Maybe you’re recovering from an injury or dealing with joint pain. Using a stability ball can alleviate the muscle and spinal strain associated with certain movements. 

I designed this particular workout to include only upright moves. 

Not everyone is comfortable getting down on the floor like many stability ball exercise videos call for, so this one will keep you comfortably in a standing or sitting position the whole time. 

Which Size Ball Should I Use For Stability Ball Exercise?

Stability balls can vary slightly in size, and the taller you are the bigger the ball you’ll want to use. 

As a general rule of thumb, when you sit on the ball, your bent knees should come close to making a right angle, your thighs parallel with the floor. 

When you’re shopping for a ball, check the label for a guide on the proper height.

You can purchase the stability ball I personally like to use here