Zumba at home

When you can’t hit the gym, do Zumba at home!

In AARP this month, they stated, “regular workouts boost immune function and lower inflammation. Exercise may be the most important lifestyle intervention you can add.”

I’m so glad they are reminding us seniors how important it is to move!

Exercise strengthens the muscles, which generate immunoprotective proteins called myokines that can have a curative and preventative effect on many diseases.  

Being active along with other healthy lifestyle choices like diet, stress relief, social interactions and sleep can all play a major role in fighting off infections and viruses.

And if we do become ill, a strong immune system working for us can help make the symptoms less severe and give us a better chance of recovery

The more you move, the stronger your body becomes and the more you boost that immune system.

Sooooo, why not get your cardio done in a fun Zumba class done at home?

Come join me to help rev up that immune system and let’s get strong together.


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