40 minute workout

This 40 minute workout is the perfect length to hit on every major muscle group and wake up the entire body.

Studies have shown doing at least 10 minutes of exercise is better than doing nothing!

Even better would be doing a few minutes of the video at separate intervals throughout the day in the event you cannot do the full 40 minute workout in one session.

Benefits of a 40 Minute Workout

Some studies have said just burning 100 more calories a day can help ward off weight gain.

More will boost your metabolism–even better for weight loss.

You’ve probably heard that sitting is the new smoking, so if just a few minutes is doable, it’s better than just sitting still.

It will start a good habit if you stick to at least a few minutes daily and then add more in weeks to come.

Regular exercise can give you a boost in energy and improve your mood by taking a break from your daily routine.

Your body can start to lose functionality if you don’t move and spend most of your day in a chair.

Isn’t a few minutes doable to keep your heart pumping more efficiently, keep your blood sugar under control and slow down the aging process?

So let’s go. DO 10… 20… AND EVENTUALLY 40!

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