senior circuit training workout

A circuit workout is a great way to exercise your entire body at a level of intensity that’s right for you.

This 45-minute version is specifically designed for older exercisers.

It will give you a great calorie burn while toning numerous muscle groups and honing your balance.

You’ll need a resistance band, a set of hand weights, and any small ball.

If you don’t have bands or weights yet, they’re great tools to add to your fitness toolkit. Here are the ones I recommend:

What Is A Circuit Workout?

A circuit workout, also called circuit training, targets a broad range of muscles with a sequence of moderate-intensity exercises.

These exercises are done with little to no rest in between them.

Who Can Benefit From A Senior Circuit Workout?

  • Anyone looking for a way to mix up their workout and get a break from a standard cardio, weight, or stretch only routine
  • Folks looking to target as many muscles as possible in a single session and get a good overall workout and conditioning
  • People looking to rev up their metabolism and maintain their weight or even lose a few pounds
  • Those who want to fight osteoporosis or osteopenia and maintain good bone strength
  • Anyone looking to improve their circulation, posture, and balance
  • Seniors who want to keep their immune system strong

And that’s probably not all!

Just about anyone can benefit from a good workout, especially us super-agers who want to avoid health complications, remain independent, and enjoy our family, hobbies and remain pain free while going about our daily living activities.

Some would simply call it “aging gracefully.”

So get up, get going and get moving. Live your best life!


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