exercises for flabby arms

One of the biggest requests in my classes is for exercises for flabby underarms, most notably the triceps.

This area is also known by some as “bat wings!”

The video below will help you tone the arm muscles and fight the dreaded bat wings so you can feel good in your sleeveless tops and enjoy the benefits of added arm strength. 

How To Tone Flabby Underarms

Contrary to popular belief, toning flabby underarms isn’t about losing fat.

Instead, it’s necessary to build up the arm muscles like the biceps, triceps and deltoids to increase definition and tighten up that loose, droopy skin. 

An overall arm toning program will create muscle mass that fills up the loose skin and reduces the flabby look we want to avoid under our arms. 

Staying consistent two to three times a week on alternate days can give your arms that more shapely and defined look so you will feel more confident in wearing those sleeveless outfits.

Also, mixing up your arm exercises tricks those stubborn muscles into responding more quickly then doing the same thing day after day (working in some resistance band arm exercises is also a great idea!). 

exercise for flabby underarms

Exercise For Flabby Underarms #1: Bicep Curl

Using a pair of weights or water bottles, begin with your arms outstretched, thumbs pointed at the ceiling.

Keeping your elbows close to your body, curl your arms upward.

Do 3 sets of 10.

exercise for flabby underarms

Exercise For Flabby Underarms #2: Tricep Kickback

Begin with your arms bent at a 90 degree angle, with your weights or water bottles at your waist.

Keeping your upper arms in place, extend your lower arms backward to straighten.

Repeat 3 sets of 10.

exercise for flabby underarms

Exercise For Flabby Underarms #3: Arm Circles

Stretch your arms out to either side, with a slight bend in the elbows.

Move your arms in a circular motion, making circles the size of dinner plates.

Do 20 reps, then change direction and circle the other way for 20 reps.

Watch the video below for the full arm workout!

My studies show that it will take up to five weeks to start to see a difference.

Five weeks is just a drop in the bucket when you think about the rest of your life, so be patient and consistent!.

Here’s to you, good looking, and good luck! 

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