how to get up and down from the floor

This video will give you a three-step process to build your confidence and capability to get down on the floor and back up again.

Importance Of Knowing How To Get Up And Down From The Floor

First and foremost, if you trip and fall, you want to have some confidence that if you haven’t incurred a major injury that you can get back up.

Next, playing with young grandchildren many times requires going down to their level or the floor.

Some household chores like scrubbing stains off of carpets, cleaning the bottom of a bathtub and even gardening are easier if you can work closer to the ground.

The Best Way To Safely Get Up And Down From The Floor

If you already have a method for getting down to the floor and it feels safe and works for you, stay with it.

Upon researching this topic, I found there were many suggestions of how to lower oneself down and get back up.

I say, the best way is the one that feels best to you.

This video is just a suggestion of what you might start with.

As you begin working on this practice, identify the weaknesses you may have and work on those areas, too.

From our free fitness library, I suggest the following videos to help with some of the most common problem spots:

Patience is key!

It took close to a year after my hip surgery to have the strength and flexibility to master this skill, so continue to practice.

BUT once you have, you will feel more confident in your everyday activities and rise to a what is considered a higher level of fitness for seniors.

Keep me posted of your progress and HERE’S TO FEELING GOOD!

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