chair exercise for back pain

Ever wake up in the morning stiff or with low back pain? More than half the population can answer with a big YES!

There are a host of probabilities for low back pain which we will address in the future but more often than not, inactivity from sleeping through the night or long-term sitting can be the culprit.

You see, with less movement there is less blood flow to the muscles and joints, resulting in a lack of nutrients, synovial fluid (lubricant to the joints) and oxygen for optimal nourishment, causing muscles to shrink and pull on our joints.

Think of a sponge. Without the water to soften it, it will be harder to twist and turn and it may even break…ouch!

We need an exercise to relieve lower back pain so we can go about our day.

Low Back Pain Relief Exercise

This in-chair progression of movement and stretching is specifically designed to increase blood flow to the back muscles and vertebrae and hopefully soothe your low back pain.

For even more stretching, check out my on-the-mat stretching video for your back, which for the most part can be easily done right on your bed.

Keeping your abdominal muscles strong will also help take pressure off your lower back and relieve pain. Join my Core Bootcamp to tone and firm your midsection in just 4 weeks!


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