wrist strengthening exwercises

Wrist strengthening exercises are so important for our age group.

But until you feel pain or weakness in your wrists, you might forget how important they are in performing many of our daily activities.

Just look at the following list of a few of the tasks that require wrist strength and movement:

  1. Opening and closing doors
  2. Holding a glass
  3. Carrying bags and suitcases
  4. Computer work 
  5. Weeding a garden
  6. Sports related activities, golf, tennis, paddleball, etc.

And these are just a few examples where the strength and flexibility of the wrist is required.

This joint is made up of many parts that include bone, muscle attachments, connective tissue and nerves.

And if there is weakness in the wrist area, it can affect the elbow and shoulder and vice versa. 

So get started with a few of the wrist strengthening exercises and stretches in this video to help combat carpal tunnel, arthritis, and pain or weakness in this area.

You also might want to try my frozen shoulder video as the pain can be starting from the shoulder and radiating down the forearm.

I also rely on this excellent hand brace when I’m experiencing pain or when I need a little extra support.

Here’s to healthy limbs!

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