This 10 minute stability ball workout will get your heart pumping, sharpen your brain, sculpt your muscles with the weight of the ball and work on your balance.

You can get my favorite stability ball here.

Who doesn’t have ten minutes to deposit in their fitness bank?

Any amount of exercise, even in smaller increments, has been proven to be beneficial to your health.

Plus, it can give you just the boost you need when your energy is running low.

Sometimes your mind can deal with just 10 minutes of exercise rather than a whole ½ hour session. And if your gym is closed or you don’t want to take the time to travel to the gym, you can do this right in your own home.

Benefits of a Stability Ball Workout

Improve your balance. Holding the large ball forces you to focus to avoid wobbling.

Work your abdominal muscles. You’ll need to tighten your core to do the moves smoothly and without falling.

Reach new muscle groups. Working out with a tool like a ball exercises different muscle groups than your usual routine. You’ll feel it the next day!

Try something different! If you have never done a stability ball workout, variety is the spice of life.

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