stability ball exercises for seniors

These stability ball exercises for seniors for will help you tone and lengthen your muscles in a low impact way.

Many of you have these fun workout toys called stability balls, but when you pull them out of the closet you have no idea what to do with them!

That’s okay–I hear it all the time.

Hopefully you’ll learn some new moves you hadn’t thought of doing with your exercise ball before!

Benefits Of Doing Stability Ball Exercises

1) The stability ball is a fun way to mix up your workout routine in order to avoid boredom and stimulate the brain.

2) Stability ball exercises are a great way to strengthen and tone the core muscles which in turn will help improve posture.

3) The exercise ball helps in improving our balance.

4) If you use this sometimes called “swiss ball” with aerobic movement, it will assist you in burning more calories and increase endurance.

5) Using the stability ball for stretching and lengthening the muscles can aid in relieving back pain and help improve your posture.

6) With proper instruction, you can even vary the ball exercises to tone additional muscles in the arms and lower body.

7) It’s an inexpensive piece of equipment that you can order right here.

Now, on to the moves!

Stability Ball Exercises For Seniors

Stability Ball Move #1: Ball Squat

Stand with your feet in a wide stance, slightly wider than hip width apart, toes pointed outward. 

Lift the ball straight up overhead.

As you lower the ball to your chest, perform a deep bend in the knees, pressing your knees outward and keeping your heels on the ground. 

Stability Ball Move #2: Ball Tilt

Begin with the ball stretched overhead, feet in a wide stance.

Reach up tall, lengthening your spine, then lean to one side, bending at the waist.

Be careful to keep your shoulders parallel with your stance.

Return to standing upright. Repeat on the other side.

Stability Ball Move #3: Seated Leg Lift

This one’s tricky, testing your strength and balance!

Begin seated on the ball, one leg bent, the other outstretched in front of you. Reach your arms out to either side.

Tighten your core to your spine and lift the outstretched leg upward toward the ceiling.

Hold it for a moment, then lower your leg back to the floor.

Do 8-10 reps on either side.

Watch the video below for a full workout of stability ball exercises for seniors, including a section on the mat that’s excellent for your core!

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