resistance band workout for seniors

If you do this resistance band workout for seniors, you may experience one or more of the following symptoms:

-A sense of increased overall energy.

-Muscle mass in new places.

-Better balance due to increased muscle strength.

-Improved bone density.

-Faster metabolism, burning more calories and losing fat.

-Improved cognitive health, clearer thinking.

-People whistling at you when you walk by.

YES, all of these are possible no matter what age you are when adding resistance training to your workout three times a week!

Why Do A Resistance Band Workout for Seniors?

Resistance bands are a great way to change it up from handheld weights.

Varying your workout routine is important to prevent boredom and avoid plateaus.

Resistance bands are perfect to take with you and use on your daily walk, so you can get your strength training done at the same time as your cardio. I love anything that saves time!

Plus, resistance bands are light and take up very little space, which makes them perfect to pack and use when traveling.

Here are the bands I like to use:

resistance bands for seniors

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Are Resistance Bands Good For Seniors?

Absolutely! You can do resistance band training at 50, 60, and beyond. In fact, it’s a great alternative to using heavy dumbbells.

The key is choosing bands that make the moves challenging, but not so challenging that you are working in pain.

You’ll notice that in many of my videos, I’m using the lightest level of resistance available.

Keep in mind that any resistance at all is an added workout for your muscles, so even using the lightest bands will still build strength and definition.

So pick up your band and do this short video, and after a month keep me posted on the whistling!

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